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UI/UX book

What is this project about?

Discover a unique world of terror in this intriguing comic book project created by Daniel Azconegui, as the complete author, developing both story and drawing and painting. Immerse yourself in 13 short stories, each one of them meticulously handmade with drawing and ink or drawing and watercolor techniques, providing different styles and finishes that will captivate your senses.

Discover the rewards


Comic + sketch

Comic book signed, dedicated and with ink sketch





Special Edition (Comic + Resin Mask)

Mask image not yet available



Bronze Collector's Edition

Comic + Resin Mask (Mask image not yet available) + T-shirt + Print


Silver Collector's Edition

Comic + Resin Mask (Mask image not yet available) + T-Shirt + Print + Artbooks


Gold Collector's Edition

Original Cover + Comic + Resin Mask (Mask image not yet available) + T-Shirt + Print


Original art (ink)

Choose from one of the 29 available pages


Original Art (B&W)

Choose from one of the 17 available pages


Original art (color)

Choose from one of the 25 available pages


Commission A5

Commission A5 in watercolor, 1 character


Commission A4

Commission A4 in watercolor, 1 character


Commission A3

Commission A3 in watercolor, 1 character



Add-on Ink Sketch

Add ink sketch to your comic or artbook


Add-on Shipping Europe

It is necessary to include this reward if your rewards are to be sent to Europe to cover shipping costs.


Add-on Shipping rest of the world (Not Europe)

It is necessary to include this reward if your rewards must be shipped outside Europe to cover shipping costs.


Add-on Extra character commission

Add an additional character to your A5, A4 or A3 commission.


Want something more personalized?

Another format, a composition, without characters, portraits...

Write me through instagram or to and we’ll talk about it!

Discover the 13 stories

In the coming days will be available for viewing the available originals of the project. If you are interested in acquiring an original, on September 5th at 21:00h the free pre-reservations will be opened through this website and later the payment will be made through the Verkami campaign.

Pre-bookings made before the start of the campaign will be blocked for 48 hours. Those made after the start of the campaign will be blocked for 24h. If the reservation is not received through Verkami in that time, it will become available again.

Fantasma de la curva

Ink and watercolor

Maldición en las profundidades


1 día cualquiera

Ink and digital color

Terror en las aulas

Hand-inked, with digital screens tones

Buenos días

Ink and watercolor

Un monstruo bajo mi cama


La casa del lago


Lobos en la noche

Hand-inked and digital color

Amigos en el infierno

Ink and watercolor

La muñeca

Ink and watercolor

La cacería

Ink and watercolor

Cegado de terror


Viaje de venganza

Ink and watercolor

Strech goals

If we surpass these stretch goals, we will think of new rewards for all the backers.


What is a crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding (or micropatronage) is a crowdfunding method where people (patrons) support creators directly, without intermediaries, with small contributions in exchange for "rewards".

The author/creator (in this case me, Daniel Azconegui) creates a project, with a fundraising goal (which is to cover printing and shipping/packaging costs mostly) and for 40 days the crowdfunding campaign is active.

At the end of the campaign and only if the goal is achieved, the author receives payment from the backers and can proceed to send them all the rewards.

Translated with (free version)

And what is a "reward"?

A reward is a product that backers receive for contributing. In this case, depending on your contribution, you can choose between the comic or any of the other rewards such as prints, artbooks, commission... You can see all the options on the project page.

Is the comic book only in Spanish or does it come in several languages?

"13 Antología de terror", for now will only be available in Spanish. If you are interested in purchasing it in another language and in the future we are contacted from other countries to license it, you will be among the first to know! Just contact us and we will let you know.

Artbooks 1 and 2 come with texts in Spanish and English, while artbook 3 is presented in Spanish, French and English simultaneously.

But what I want is Daniel's comic book, how can I get it?

Thank you very much! It's very simple, just follow the link in the bio and you will be redirected to my Verkami page. Register following the steps of the platform, choose your reward and make the payment, you will receive your reward within the deadlines set in the project!

Verkami? What is that?

Verkami is, like Kickstarter or Ulule, a totally secure crowdfunding platform/website in operation since 2010, which allows us creators to fund our projects directly with the backers in exchange for "rewards" for the backers. More than 11,000 projects have been funded.

Why Verkami and not Ulule or Kickstarter?

My 3rd artbook, focused on DC and Marvel illustrations, was released through Ulule, since the whole project was going to be in 3 languages: Spanish, French and English, and it was a great success! However, this comic comes out only in Spanish and Verkami is the platform more focused on that audience.

I don't like to give my bank details... What payment methods can I use?

Through the Verkami platform, you can choose to make your contribution by bank card (debit or credit card and through the secure payment gateway of BBVA), pay by Bizum or use Google Pay. Don't worry, the transactions are 100% secure and we will not receive (neither us nor Verkami) your bank details. It is BBVA's secure payment gateway the only one that will manage your data with all the guarantees.

And while the campaign is active, can I change the reward or cancel it because I have a problem?

Of course, during the time it is active, you can cancel, edit or add more rewards to your account. The payment, even if it was made at the time you approved your reward, will be returned to you free of charge.

When and how will I receive the rewards promised by the project?

Although the campaign will be active until October 15, we will send the project to the printer at the end of September. In this way, we plan to be sending the first packages by mail the week of October 23rd. The first to go out will be the comics, prints and t-shirts. The masks, being hand painted, will take a little longer (November) and the rewards that include commission, will be sent once the commission has been made.

The packages will always be sent by parcel service with tracking, perfectly packed and protected to guarantee that they arrive in perfect condition.

And what rewards can I choose?

You can choose between: Comic, Numbered Print, Artbooks, Original Art, Commissions (commissions) in A5, A4, A3 or special sizes (contact me) or Special Packs with all of the above. I have thought of varied rewards so that your contribution is to your liking. After all, without you I could not continue working on projects like this (Thank you!).

What is a commission?

A commission is a watercolor painting made by me. There are several commission rewards in this campaign, if you want a watercolor of mine. I have set commissions of one character to A5, A4 and A3, as well as the possibility to add an additional character in the format you have chosen. You can choose the reward you want and combine them.

But what if I want something different?

Well, if you don't like the format, if it's a character, or if you want a composition with several characters/elements, write me through the platform, through Instagram or directly to my email ( We'll work out the idea between you and me, and if it's ok, I'll add a personalized reward through the platform so you can place the order safely.

I am interested in one or more original art. How does the pre-reservation system work?

Because we can't add a dropdown in the Verkami rewards so you can reserve the originals you might be interested in, we have created a section on this website where you can see them all and most importantly, for those of you who might be interested, you can reserve them. In this way, we make sure that there are not two reservations for the same page or having to create a reward for each original page (which would be somewhat cumbersome).

The system is simple, access to

On the 5th at 21:00h, we will open the reservation option. You will only have to add to the basket those originals you are interested in, fill in your data (Name, Surname and your email) and complete the steps. The reservation is totally free and you will not have to make any payment through this platform.

Then, on the 6th at 21:00 the crowdfunding will open. At that moment you will have to mark the reward corresponding to the original you have reserved (ink, B/W or color) and follow the process in Verkami. Remember to use the same Name, Surname and email account that you have used in the reservation of the original, since we will cross data between the reservations on this website and Verkami, so that you receive what you have requested.

If the reservation has not been made on Verkami by 21:00 on the 7th, the original will be available again on the web.

For reservations after the start of the campaign, the reservation time will be 24h.

I will let you know as we upload new originals to the page so you can see them.

What if I don't want to use the platform to ask you for a commission?

Sorry, only during this campaign I will have the commission/commission list open. Then, possibly until the end of 2024 or 2025, I will not open the list again.

I have chosen the reward and made the payment, now what?

Although I will be writing you through the project page to send you news (the status of the goal, special rewards achieved or other related information), once the campaign is finished I will write you to confirm your data to send you your package: full name, address, etc...

I will always contact you through the platform, through a form, but in some occasions, it is possible that I will write you from my email ( In those communications of course I will never ask for your bank details (keep in mind), just your address and contact information to send you the package as soon as possible.

If for any situation, you are going to move or you are going to be on vacation in the times that I will send you the shipments, it will be in the moment of the confirmation of your data in which you will have to give an address in which you are sure that there will be someone to receive it. The parcel companies usually make up to 3 delivery attempts, and if they do not find you, they will return the package to us and we will write to you.

I have already collaborated in the campaign or I can't collaborate but I want to help Daniel to achieve his goal.

First of all, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Simply sharing this campaign with more people through any media so that it reaches someone who might be interested, allows me to bring this project to success and be able to continue drawing.